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What are the odds?

Some may call it a coincidence, others could call it serendipitous or even spooky. But I think it was meant to be.

Last week I received three links for articles from three different people on three different topics. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but what made them stand out is that they all came from the same site.


Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner has put together a fantastic site chock full of great information on a variety of publishing related topics. These topics include: Advice for New Authors, How to Get Published and How Do I Decide? An information guide on traditional vs. self publishing.

Taking a closer look at my own computer, I noticed that I had at least six more pages from this site saved. This site is a fantastic resource.

So if you are new to publishing or just searching for the current trends in this ever changing industry, be sure to check out Rachelle’s site. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Writing,

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk


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