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The writing business is a tricky business. You spend your time plotting, planning and writing your manuscripts then you send it out into the world and wait for a response. Sometimes it  is “NO”, sometimes the response isn’t nearly so clear cut.

What’s an author to do?

How can we cut through the ambiguous responses to better our writing?

Help is on the way.

Author Deborah Halverson has just recently launched www.dear-editor.com, a writer’s advice website, where writers (published or not) can ask questions about writing and publishing, and get direct answers and suggestions. Deborah really knows her stuff, She is the awarding-winning author of two teen novels, Honk If You Hate Me and Big Mouth (Delacorte/ Random House). With two novels and a decade of experience as an editor with Harcourt Children’s Books, she is now a freelance editor, author, and writing instructor.

While she may not have a golden lasso and ride in an invisible plane. Her insight and advice for writers makes her a super hero any day.

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