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Hello Dahlings!

For those of you new to the blog, each year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day I gather with the women of our family for a lunch at a winery. I have lovingly named my mother and her sister’s “The Gabor’s” based on their talk of husband’s, beauty tips, and advice.  There’s a saying in our family “When wine goes in… secrets come out” and each year The Gabor’s prove this adage correct. Don’t get me wrong, they never get drunk (it’s not seemly to look less than your best in public), but I find that a glass or two of wine sure does lower their inhibitions.



This year, due to some scheduling issues, we had to move our luncheon up a week. So last Saturday we loaded up the cars and headed to the winery. As a special treat, my sister-in-law who usually works on Saturday’s, was able to join us for the first time. I have grown so accustomed to our luncheons that I did not think to prepare her. She’s been in the family for over 13 years and it honestly didn’t cross my mind. If I had, I would have saved the poor girl from the coughing fit she had as she nearly choked on her salad.

It started with a simple question about my aunt’s dating life. My mom’s youngest sister has been computer dating and we wanted to hear if she had found anyone interesting. She proceeded to share some of her dating experiences involving, guys with pony tails, eyebrow piercings, and the date that calculated their bill by the candlelight at the table. This conversation happened well into the lunch so some wine had been consumed. So when my aunt started talking about one gentleman with a foot fetish who was interested in sucking her toes, my poor sister-in-law nearly choked on her Vineyard Chicken Salad. I should have warned her to take small bites. Lucky for us, she was able to breathe on her own and didn’t require any medical intervention.

All joking aside, it is always a lovely day and I am truly thankful for these women in my life. We’re a crazy bunch, but I love them like crazy.

So keep your chins up (you never want to let them see your neck sag) and smile through it all.

Happy Early Mother’s Day,

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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