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Today we are launching a new feature on the blog– Give Me 3. The concept is pretty simple I will ask three questions based on a theme. To kick off this new feature I have asked Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson authors of  The Familiars book series to answer three questions.

We featured Adam and Andrew in an Author Spotlight last September. Tuesday marked the release of the third book in The Familiars series, The Familiars – Circle of Heroes (HarperCollins 2012), with that in mind I decided to ask them three questions about heroes:

1. Favorite Movie Hero:

Andrew:I’ve always been a big Han Solo fan. He’s just so unbelievably cool. I also love his arc of going from a selfish, glory-seeking jerk to a heroic, loyal friend who risks everything to save the galaxy. All-time great lines, the perfect attitude. Probably the most archetypical (anti-)hero character that I look to emulate in storytelling. Aldwyn even has some Han Solo in him!

Adam: Fozzie Bear: A furry bundle of bad jokes. He’s unwavering in his support of Kermit and would never do anything that wasn’t of the purest intention. Sure, Andrew might want Han flying his Falcon, but when the cash was on the table, would he really trust him. Not me.

2. Favorite Hero in Literature:

Andrew: Harry Potter. So boring, I know. But the boy wizard is a pretty genius character. He’s so the everyman. Like Peter Parker, another fantastic literary hero, or Luke Skywalker, Harry is any one of us. He’s all of us. Just a regular kid who turns out to be extraordinary. What better vicarious ride can one go on than through the eyes of someone just like them?
Adam: I’ll hit England for my answer too. Sherlock Holmes. He might not have magic but he has got something even better. Brains. And lots if them. His eye for detail can rival any other character. And when you’re reading a book, it’s fun to be solving a mystery along with the character.

3. Favorite Hero in Real Life:

Andrew: I’d have to say my grandmother. She passed away some years ago now, but her example still lives on. She was a Holocaust survivor who emigrated to America in 1939, leaving a wealthy life in Germany to start over here with nothing. Yet she persevered, worked hard, never complained, and gave my father the chance to do great things (which I think he did!). She was an amazing woman. She took me to my first R-rated movie (accidentally, I presume) – Police Academy! She chaperoned my best friend and I to a WWF wrestling event. And she taught me how to play gin rummy.
Thanks Adam and Andrew for sharing with us today, especially the wonderful story about Adam’s grandmother, what an inspiring lady. Adam and Andrew are looking for your inspiring stories and one lucky winner will win a signed copy of book #3. Here are the details:

We want you to send in stories about your own heroes, the real people who have had an impact on your life. Parents, grandparents, teachers, or friends. We’ll be featuring them on our blog, our Twitter feeds, and our Facebook page. We want to know who’s in your Circle of Heroes. The ones voted the most inspirational will win a signed copy of book #3. Send them in tothefamiliarsbook@gmail.com!

And Now I turn this back to our readers, it’s time for you to– Give Me 3. I am going to ask you the same questions I gave to Adam and Andrew. 

1. Favorite Movie Hero

2. Favorite Hero in Literature

3. Favorite Hero in Real Life.

Happy Writing,

Suzanne Santillan

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