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Yesterday was a pretty busy day. I received notice of a new review for my book “Grandma’s Pear Tree” on The Reading Tub. Click here if you would like to see the review.

The San Diego Library sent a link for their online exhibit for the 45th Annual Local Author Exhibit. They have listings for all of the 250+ books that were featured. You can click here is you would like to see the exhibit.

Last but not least, I had my second school visit at San Rafael Elementary in Pasadena. It was a fantastic visit and the school went above and beyond making me feel welcome. I will share more about my visit and the pear, on my next turn to blog.

Whew! I think I am going to take a day or two to recover from my busy day.

Have a great weekend,

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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On Friday night I attended a reception for the 45th Annual Local Authors Exhibit sponsored by the San Diego Public Library. The purpose of the exhibit is to nurture writers, foster the pursuit of the writing arts and to create a great opportunity for the recognition of San Diego literary talents.

My Super Blog Buddy Sarah had attended this event the year her picture book “Red, White, and Blue Goodbye” was released so I had some idea of what to expect and rumor had it we would receive a medal.

The Lunch Thief by Anne C. Bromley

I was impressed by the diversity of books displayed. There were over 250 books ranging from simple self-published guide books to well known best sellers. I also recognized some books we have featured here on Writing on the Sidewalk.

I So Don’t Do Spooky by Barrie Summy

They had lovely harp music, champagne, coffee, hors d’oeuvres and yes, we did receive medals. I even met up with fellow author and San Diego SCBWI member Anne Bromley.

Notice we are wearing our medals

The Local Authors Book Exhibit runs the entire month of February, located in the lobby of the Central Library, just in case you are in the area and want to stop by.

Grandma’s Pear Tree

Happy Reading,

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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