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“I’m closing the store.”

My heart fell to the floor when Readers Inc., my local bookstore operator told me she was closing her store. We have been working together for the past two years, since my book was first released. She helped me order books for my school visits, I had done several signings and book fairs at her store, and together we have been working with the committee to help put together the Children’s Book Festival in La Mesa. This was sad news indeed.

The reality is that the economy is tough and book stores are having a tough time. The cost of overhead to keep the store running was too hard to do. Something had to be done.

Just recently I received the following message:

Have you heard?

It’s Not Goodbye!

Readers, Inc. is going mobile.  Bringing Books To YOU!

Starting in May, Readers Inc-Mobile will pop up all over town at Farmer’s Markets, Street Fairs and other community events.  Watch our website  www.ReadersIncOnline.com  facebook or twitter as we keep you posted where and when you can find us.  You can always contact us via email and our website will accept online book orders soon.

We are excited to pop up at school sites, providing book fairs, literacy nights, and after school book clubs.

We welcome any opportunity to serve your school or organization.

I think this is a fabulous idea. Will it work? Only time will tell, but the book fairs when my boys were in elementary school were always a big hit. In tough times, it’s the people who are creative and flexible who survive. This might be the start of something big.

Go buy a book!

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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Yesterday I shared the week prior to my first author visit (click here if you would like to read The Good, The Bad and The Ugly). Today I would like to share my own tips and tricks for a successful school visit. Please note these are my own ideas and there are great sites out there that can give you fantastic ideas such as schoolvisitexperts.com.

1. Have a Theme-

I chose to talk about teamwork. I tied it into working together both at school and at home. You can look at the list of standards for the grades that you are addressing and try to include those in your presentation as well.

2. Bring Props-

This makes the presentation more interesting especially when dealing with larger groups. Be sure to make them large enough for everyone to see.

3. Student Volunteers-

Students will be more engaged in your presentation if they see their fellow students up there participating. I made sure that I had a student from each of the classes I was presenting to so that no class felt left out. You can even ask the teacher to select a student, they have a better idea of which of their students will do better in front a large group.

4. Allow time to answer questions-

I found it worked better to ask the student to come up to the front to ask the question it is easier for the other students and the author to hear. I also plan to use a tip from schoolvisitexperts.com next time and have pre-printed question cards that the students can select out of a basket. Since I am addressing younger students (K-2nd grade) they get excited to raise their hand but tend to forget the question. I am hoping this will help solve that issue. I am going to write them on cards shaped like pears and let the child keep the question as a souvenir.

5. Be Prepared

Each visit is different try to speak with the person in charge to find out what their expectations are. If you require special equipment make sure to request it before the presentation, this makes it easier to set up and the custodian will thank you.

6. Pre-sell the Book Prior to the event

It is much easier to sign the books ahead of time and arrive with them ready to go rather than trying to handle sales and signings at the school. I work with Readers Inc. a local bookseller who helps handle the pre-sales and they do a great job. Be sure to bring extras for those who forgot to order ahead of time or teachers who decide they want to order after the presentation.

7. Have Fun

School visits can be unpredictable and every one is a little bit different, so go with the flow and have fun.

Happy Writing,

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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Last night I had my third book signing and while I can say my second book signing was a family affair, my third book signing was all about friends.

Deena from Readers Inc. made me feel more than welcome and (with a little departure from the normal Thursday night signings) had a lovely table set up in the back of the air conditioned store that included a display of my books and an Edible Arrangement of fruit.  This was truly appreciated since summer had decided to finally arrive here in San Diego and I had visions of standing in the sun and melting. My loving husband even threw our big golf umbrella in the car just before we left just to make sure that I wouldn’t be bombarded by the heat.

It was a fun evening with visits from several of my friends including a group of women from the San Diego SCBWI who decided to eat at a local Italian restaurant first and then stop by and visit the book signing.

The lovely ladies of the San Diego-SCBWI straight from their Italian dinner.

More wonderful friends from the San Diego- SCBWI (I’m not sure where they ate)

I am pleased to say that we sold out of books and I learned a valuable lesson: Always bring extra copies of your book to a signing event.

I have another signing scheduled in September at the Borders in Mission Valley and I will be sure to carry extra copies in my car (just in case).

All in all I came away with a great sense of friendship and appreciation for every one at Readers Inc. and all of my friends who turned out to make my first book signing here in San Diego a fun event. I also came away with a great edible arrangement of fruit.

Thanks everyone,

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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I have been working hard to coordinate these events and I am pleased to announce I have not one, but two, book signings coming in the near future.

The first signing is August 19th at Readers Inc. in the La Mesa Village. This event is coordinated with the La Mesa Village Car show and includes bands and great restaurants to visit.

The second event is September 25th at the Borders in Mission Valley. This event will be similar to the one held in Los Angeles and will include a book reading in addition to the signing. This is a fun event for kids so if you’re in Mission Valley be sure to check it out.

Addresses and phone numbers for the events are in the Upcoming Events box on this page.

Hope to see you there!

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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It is an undisputed fact that I love book stores.  My children know when I am in a funk a trip to our local book store or library is just what I need to perk me up.

Knowing my love for anything books, my Super Blog Buddy Sarah mentioned an independent book store here in San Diego and suggested I check it out, I was not disappointed.

Readers Inc., a family owned book store located in La Mesa Village is small in size, but big on charm. Readers Inc. is a local authors dream, while looking around I noticed several of my fellow local San Diego SCBWI authors prominently displayed on the shelves.

Readers Inc. was also present at the book launch for “The Lunch Thief” last weekend helping Anne sell copies of the book. This is a great service they offer for local authors and their knowledge of the store inventory is un-matched for any other book store I have visited. During this tough economy it is important for us to support our local independent book stores, they are an important part of our community and a great resource.

This summer the La Mesa Village is sponsoring a car show on Thursday evenings that includes classic cars, bands and tasty food. The owners of Readers Inc. have scheduled book signings each Thursday to tie into the fun. Last week I had the opportunity to meet author Jennifer Cervantes, and have her autograph a copy of her book Tortilla Sun (I will be reviewing the book later this week). Check out the events calendar to see which authors will be signing*.

So if you are looking for a fun family evening of classic cars, bands, tasty food and a cool book store I would suggest you check out Readers Inc. in the La Mesa Village on Thursday nights.

* Authors note: I will be taking part in this event on August 19th from 6pm-8pm and signing copies of my book “Grandma’s Pear Tree”, hope to see you there.

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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