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As an author, I would have to say that the phrase I most often hear from others when they discover that I write for children is:

“I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book.” 

The second most common phrase is:

“How do I get started?”

During our break I was contacted by several new authors who were looking for tips and tricks to writing a children’s book. I found myself repeating the same information for each person and after the third time (I must be a slow learner) I decided that in the coming year I will address some of those questions that beginning authors have about this whacky world of publishing.  I have created a new category for the blog titled “Help for Beginners” and it is my hope that in the coming months I can share this basic information and place it one easy to reach location.  I will be reposting or linking to some of our older posts that address these issues as well. In addition to our own posts, I will be searching out great posts to share with our readers.

If you can think of any issues that you would like us to address please let us know. Place a simple comment at the end of the post and I will do my best to write about them in the coming months.

Happy Writing,

Suzanne Santillan

Writing on the Sidewalk

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