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512px-Defense.gov_photo_essay_110217-F-0929W-0438Sometimes it seems like the hardest part of writing is picking a title. You spend months, if not years, writing your manuscript and then you must select a handful of words that will attract a reader to your story. Agent Rachelle Gardner has a fantastic post with tips to help you title your book. If you are struggling to find the best title for your work, I suggest you check out the post.

Once you have selected a title Ms. Gardner suggests that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the tone of the title match the tone of the book?
  • Does it convey the right genre (including time period if applicable)?
  • Would it attract attention?
  • If the book were spine-out on the shelf (so the cover and sub-title were not visible) would it still attract attention?
  • Would a reader have any idea what the book is about just from the title?

Want to know if your title has bestseller potential? Lulu.com has created a scientific program to determine just that.

Simply enter your novel title in the field at the top of the page.¬†Use the drop-down menus to choose the variables which best describe the attributes of your title.¬†Click “Analyze my title!”

Score represents the percentage chance of its being a number one hit. Results are between 9% and 83% chance of bestseller success.

When all is said and done, the publisher is usually responsible for the final decision on title. But if you’ve done your work well, it will be the title you selected on the cover.

Happy Writing,

Suzanne Santillan

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It seems as though some writers are natural titlers. Some even have the title before the story.

Not me. I struggle.

Titles need to reflect the essence of the story – to fit the form and to appeal to a wide audience. They need to be unique, but not so odd that they become hard to remember. Although homophones can be clever, the spelling issue can make it hard for readers to find your book. The right title will intrigue a wide audience.

Now you can also throw into the agony of decision a new procrastination tool!

Lulu.com – the self-publisher – has a Titlescorer feature. Here you can type in your prospective title, answer a few questions and in a few seconds receive a rating: a percentage odds of that title becoming a best seller. No pressure with that expectation!

From Lulu:

The Lulu Titlescorer has been developed exclusively for Lulu by statisticians who studied the titles of 50 years’ worth of top bestsellers and identified which title attributes separated the bestsellers from the rest.

We commissioned a research team to analyse the title of every novel to have topped the hardback fiction section of the New York Times Bestseller List during the half-century from 1955 to 2004 and then compare them with the titles of a control group of less successful novels by the same authors.

The team, lead by British statistician Dr. Atai Winkler, then used the data gathered from a total of some 700 titles to create this “Lulu Titlescorer” a program able to predict the chances that any given title would produce a New York Times No. 1 bestseller.

Just don’t call me late for dinner.

Sarah Wones Tomp


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