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Confession: Sometimes I read books in this order: first chapter, last chapter, the rest.

This makes my family crazy. It is not unusual for my son to recommend a book to me and then make me swear not to read the end before I get there. I usually keep this promise. I used to always read this way, now that I try to read books as a writer I don’t do it as often because I want that more conventional and typical experience of getting to the end.

There is a lot of shame in being this kind of reader. Just the other day, during my son’s baseball game, one of the other moms was discussing the fact that she was not as emotional and sensitive as her husband and son – and her example was that she too reads the last chapter before “finishing” a book. She was definitely confessing.

Confession #2: Now that Lost has an ending I am willing to watch all the seasons I’ve missed. Especially since I read this post (Spoiler alert), that claims the writers knew their ending from the very first season and that the ending never changed. One reason I quit watching was because of a pact with my husband – he couldn’t watch it while deployed to Kuwait – but also because I lost my faith in the story. I needed to know there would be an actual thought out ending – somewhere in there I wasn’t sure at all.

I wonder how many writers write their endings before they write the rest of the story?

For much more coherent thoughts on finishing and endings and such see Tami Lewis Brown‘s posts at Through the Tollbooth this week! Also, I love the visualizing exercise suggested here by Jo Knowles (#2).

The End.

Sarah Wones Tomp


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