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April is Poetry Month!

Check out the Teaching Authors Blog for oodles of poetry links and ideas. And they are having a give-away to celebrate their five year blogiversary!

Writing a poem can be a fabulous way to hone your prose. If you’re struggling with a scene, try distilling it into a poem. Free verse can be, well, freeing. Or, sometimes requiring a bit of structure can paradoxically loosen up your brain to find the gems below the surface.┬áJust recently a friend reminded me: having boundaries allows one to relax within. Love that.

And my dear friend Sharry is having fun with Haikus and Flash Fiction; accented with photographs and the act of flaneur. Be sure to check out her lovely post!

I’m adding a new collection of poems to the books I use when teaching writing: WHAT THE HEART KNOWS: Chants, Charms & Blessings by Joyce Sidman. The title alone is poetry! It’s a beautiful book that comes with a lovely red ribbon to mark your place.

what the heart knowsAnd then, within, is just as beautiful. The book is organized into 4 sections;

  1. CHANTS & CHARMS~to bolster courage and guard against evil.
  2. SPELLS & INVOCATIONS~to cause something to happen.
  3. LAMENTS & REMEMBRANCES~to remember, regret, or grieve.
  4. PRAISE SONGS & BLESSINGS~to celebrate, thank, or express love.

Now that I think about it, aren’t those all the reasons we write? To do just those things?

Sarah Tomp


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