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My mom came to visit recently.

She brought me this:

In case you can’t read my youthful handwriting, it says

I Love you so much I can’t say it I have (to) write it

Love Sarah

I think that explains a lot. That must be why I write. It’s still true!

I just can’t say it.

When I start a new story, I don’t always know what I am trying to say – I have to write to find out.

This is a good reminder as I am trying to find my new story in the mess I’m making.

And it takes so long.

And it’s hard.

But as I wade around in my mess, I will be checking in with Kelly Bennett’s blog – she’s kicking off a Year of Inspiration!

Sarah Wones Tomp


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While recently re-watching Walk the Line (the love story of Johnny Cash and June Carter), I couldn’t help compare the dream of making music to that of writing.

Think about the speech given by Sam Phillips, the record producer who helps Johnny and his band get their start. I’m posting an edited version of the conversation below – except I have substituted “story” for “song”, “tell” for “sing”, etc.

Let’s just assume Sam speaks for publishers…


We’ve already heard that story, A hundred times. Just like that. Just how you wrote it.

If you was hit by a truck and you were lying in that gutter dying, and you had time to tell one story; one story people would remember before you’re dirt. One story that would let God know how you feel about your time here on Earth. One story that would sum you up.

Would you tell something real? Something you felt?

That’s the kind of story people want to read.

That’s the kind of story that truly saves people.

It has to do with believing in yourself.


Excellent advice. Go write that story.

Sarah Wones Tomp


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(Tomorrow is the big day! Get your chance to win our contest!)

The American Idol season is nearing a close. Next week is the big final.

This has been my first season of watching AI. My kids, too. When it first came out, I had the impression that it was all about criticism. I didn’t like the idea of entertainment at the expense of dashing dreams and it sounded very mean-spirited so I didn’t let my kiddos watch it. And besides, they were little way back then!

But this year, my girl child (16 years) and the youngest boy (12) started watching it together. They don’t always have a lot in common, especially without the oldest boy buffer in the house – he has always been the one to bring them together. But! This was something they did together, discussed, and giggled over. So of course I had to watch too.

And I fell in love with Steven Tyler’s feedback. Half the time he doesn’t even look like he’s paying attention. I would so love to see what is scribbled on his notepad. But wow, he is a poet of inspiration.

Author Jo Knowles has been posting on his inspiration tips all along ~ so comforting to know I’m not the only one hanging on his every word, waiting for the gems! Her posts are even better and deeper sources of inspiration.

We didn’t watch last night’s performances. (Yet. It’s taped.) There was way too much exhaustion going on in this house.

But I think part of that is the fact that James Durbin is gone. My kids picked him to win way back in the auditions stage. They had other personal favorites, (YB is still mad that Casey is gone), but they agreed that James would and should win. Because “He has the best story.” Welllll, James was voted off last week. I hope he’ll still find a way to make his dream happen. [And I am NOT going to look into the disturbing tabloid headline about him. Yes, I am part ostrich.]

I mean, really, I hope they ALL find ways to make their dreams happen. And for some of them, I honestly feel like NOT winning American Idol is the best the thing for them. When one door closes, another one opens… the broken roads that led me straight to you… That kind of best thing.

The hard part is the keeping going. Just like writing, of course.

Go read Jo’s post. Get back up again.

Sarah Wones Tomp


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One of the blessings – and curses – of the writing habit is seeing potential stories in everyday life. Some flutter by briefly and head off into the atmosphere for some other writer some other time, but some stick around.

I don’t know if my SBB knows this, but her Son #1 helped to trigger the YA-WIP I’m working on now – at one point a long time ago he was very intrigued with the canyon he passed each day on his way home from school. Got me thinking…

And then this YouTube video helped too. This 2+ minute video is an entire novel in itself.  But the interactions of these boys are so definitely… boy.  I love it.

What are YOU doing with your summer vacation?

Sarah Wones Tomp


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