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It’s done.

Harry Potter, that is.

On Saturday I was able to go to a (free even) screening of the very last Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2; thanks to the military base theater and the dedication of the girl child and her best friend who were willing to get there several hours early in order to be in line with pizza and games.

It was better than Part 1, in my opinion. The purists were still critical (always) of the details that didn’t ring transfer accurately from the book to the movie, but all in all it was an exciting show. But, then again, I’ve always seen the movies as somewhat separate entities from the books. I still can’t believe they never had Peeves…

Harry has been such an integral part of our family’s life. My mother bought our oldest child Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for his seventh birthday after hearing it had been a hit in England. It was the first “real” book he read on his own.

Since then, each of the three kids has read each book multiple times. We’ve had Harry-inspired Halloween costumes and birthday parties and endless hours of just good old imaginative play. Not to mention the library Harry Potter extravaganza we attended in Maryland! (Thanks, Barb!) Lawn quidditch was just one of the amazing things we did there!

But the oldest child had the most magical experience. He grew up with Harry. Literally. The timing was perfect for each book – as Harry grew older and had more serious and darker problems to face, he was ready too. So maybe it’s fitting that he was too busy to join us for this movie extravaganza. He’ll see it of course, but he can wait. Just like Harry is growing up, so is my boy.

It’s been a wonderful journey.

Sarah Wones Tomp


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