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Last Friday I was invited to participate in a “Famous Author Event” sponsored by the Greater San Diego Reading Association. The event teamed up seven authors and a storyteller to meet at a local elementary school. Each classroom was assigned a book/author to study prior to the visit and then at the end of the week, the author would visit the classroom to share their story. It was a rewarding and touching experience.

As an author, I have gone on many travels with my little picture book. Some have been a tremendous success and others have found me sitting by myself at a table waiting desperately for someone to walk by. I can honestly say that I have never attended an event where I was so catered to. They not only provided breakfast and lunch, but the children studied my work and had marvelous questions and created projects based on my book. They even studied the story arc of my book. Those kindergartners knew more about the motivating factors behind my main character than I did. And I wrote the story!


So what about Justin Bieber?

Photo credit: Getty Images.

Photo credit: Getty Images.

During my question and answer period with the first grade class they discovered that I grew up in the Los Angeles area. They assumed that since I was a “Famous Author” I must know other famous people and proceeded to ask me a series of questions about Justin Bieber. After all, don’t all famous people know each other? Alas, I know virtually nothing about young Mr. Bieber and was not able to give them any information about his life and quickly directed the talk back to books.

At the end of the visit, I was asked to sign copies of my book. Not to be outdone, the students who didn’t purchase copies asked for my autograph instead. I found myself signing pieces of paper and writing notebooks. I even signed extra signatures for parents and siblings (remember, they thought I was famous).

excited-babyIn the end, it was a great day. I was so thankful to be invited to attend. And for a brief moment… I was famous.

Happy Reading,

Suzanne Santillan

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