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Fellow SCBWI member Grace Nall has just started a website, and I think she has a winner. TeachingSeasons.com is a fantastic resource for educators, parents, and authors.

Here is a description from the site:

Teaching Seasons.com provides a kaleidoscope of information on education, the community, and creating teacher resources for children’s book authors.

Educators can view the site for information on the Common Core Standards, professional development opportunities, and  teaching strategies.

Parents will find a myriad of helpful educational tips for kids.  How to find a “Just Right Reading Book” for your child, as well as finding great Read Alouds for kids!

Educational Publishers and Authors:  We can create unique Teacher Resources for your books.  Please visit the contact page.   You’ll find an example of a Teacher Resource created for Children’s Book Author, Bruce Hale.  His book,  Snoring Book  was chosen for Oprah’s Reading List for Kids.

The site is beautiful and the layout is easy to navigate.

So if you get a chance, please check out this site and share your own teaching season moment.

Happy Reading,

Suzanne Santillan

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