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I am guest blogging over at author Annemarie O’Brien’s blog today!┬áCome say hi and read some of my thoughts on dogs in literature.

Lara's Gift by Annemarie O'BrienAnnemarie is the author of LARA’S GIFT. She’s put together quite the resource for books with dogs featured in the story within her dog-specific blog, “Dog Reads.”

As I say in my guest post, I think middle grade fiction is the sweet spot for books featuring dogs in literature. But, there are also some awesome dogs in YA literature as well.

There is just something about loving a pet that immediately makes a character more sympathetic to me. And, truth be told, it makes me nervous. Because whenever a character loves something that deeply, there’s a risk they’re going to lose it. But that’s life, too. And love is worth the risk.

We’ll just see how much I love my little Luna after a rainy weekend in a hotel together.

Sarah Tomp


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