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It’s official!

I’ve received the signed Agency Contract to prove it: Catherine Drayton of Inkwell Management is now my literary agent!

I will try to restrain the explanation marks, but I could not be more thrilled and amazed. (!)

I had to get my nerve up to query her. Not because she’s rumored to be scary or rude. She’s definitely not. It was because of the authors she represents. Her client list is made up of authors I admire, who write books I adore –¬†writers I would be tongue-tied and fan-girl goofy to meet. She represents awe-thors.

But I heard she sometimes gives nice rejections.

She also gives the absolute nicest knock-me-over-and-make-me-grin-for-days calls if she’s interested.

I’m not any kind of expert in this process, but here’s my advice to those of you looking for an agent.

Find out who represents the books you love. The books you can’t imagine not being in this world. The books that make you want to write better. Query that agent.


Sarah Wones Tomp


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