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Hooray for all the ALA Award Winners!

I have mixed feelings about awards. On the one hand, I love to see authors rewarded for their hard work and courage – and it’s so nice to see a favorite book all dressed up with a new shiny sticker. And yet, my oh so non-competitive self (the one that is a mystery to my children) feels wistful for the other awesome and worthy books that remain sticker-free. 

But I love having books pointed out to me that I might have missed. 

booksAllIEverWantedCoverThis year, somewhere along the way, I discovered ALL I EVER WANTED by Vikki Wakefield. It was in light of her newer book, FRIDAY NEVER LEAVING being considered as a Printz possibility (which I still need to read)… but me oh my, this realistic YA novel from an Australian author was the exact book I needed to read right now. 

Book Love!

I love the voice, the language, the way Mim is surprised and changed – the reminder that other people may not be what we think. And there’s a helluva plot, too. I never would have found it if it wasn’t for the award discussion.

I can’t wait to read Friday’s story too. 

Sarah Tomp


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